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Ladies and Gentlemen,

CAL - FIX has been acting on Polish market since year 1992.

Our services include:

  • performing of big-size advertisements
  • performing of luminous and neon advertisement caissons
  • performing of three-dimensional plexi letters
  • installation of steel constructions and subconstructions
  • performing and installation of car park signs
  • placing of advertisements on vehicles
  • performing of graphic and structural designs
  • computer graphics and computer letter-cutting

...and many other depending on our clients' requests.

Our achievment is manufacture of advertisements for FIAT AUTO POLAND dealers' network in the whole Poland, also for IKEA POLSKA, RAUTARUUKKI POLSKA and many, many others. We provide comprehensive mass services, as well as single for private minor clients.

We warmly invite to co-operation and guarantee the best quality, reliability and competitivness of our products.

"Siedziba naszej firmy - kliknij by powiększyć zdjęcie"


"Siedziba naszej firmy - kliknij, by powiększyć zdjęcie"


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